iPool created a very big and resounding thing!!!

Yesterday, the milestone product in the field of Billiards - ICEA billiard rating system, at the site of the Siping Station of Chinese 8 Ball international Masters, held a ICEA billiard rating system conference. If you missed the live, we will give you a field report.

The press conference began at 21:00 on July 6th. On the scene, Qiao Bing/President of JOY Billiard Group, Li Jiaoang/General Manager of the iPool Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., and Wang Heng / General Manager of the Xinrui billiards, witnessed the first appearance of the ICEA billiard Grating System for the world.

The participants of the international masters, including overseas players, also attended the press conference and accepted the test of the billiard rating system at the scene

Overseas  players were awarded the billiard rating system issued by ICEA.


ICEA Billiards Grading System

Grading System is jointly developed and researched by iPool Technology Team and XinRui Billiards, and  It is a billiards system tailored for amateur players.

The system is divided into 6 levels. Level 1 ~ Level 3 is set for Junior and Medium Players, and Level 4~Level 6 is for Senior and Top Players.

It is rated from six aspects: hitting power controlling, hitting accuracy, strokes skill performance, error correction ability, psychological quality and comprehensive processing ability, so that the majority of fans can recognize their own skill level more scientifically, and get systematic training and improvement.

Each Level including ten tests with full score of 100, and 75 scores for pass the test. With more systematic grading system, detailed evaluation and scores calculation are given in terms of the following 6 aspects: accuracy, stroking, strength, position, defense and clearance


Moreover, the grading system brings more surprises to billiard fans:

1.Without place restriction, play it in the pool club around you.

2.Without time limitation, freely decide the test and training time.

3.With professional coaching experience, each time when you play on iPool, you can enjoy one-on-one guidance and evaluation by hundreds of experts and tailor training courses according to your billiards level.


Do you want to know your billiard ranking?

 Do you want to know your billiard level?

Go and test in the pool club!

 It is imperative to improve your skills.