2018, iPool invites you to create a bright future together!

In 2018 new version of iPool Projection, it provides Professional Training, Light and Shadow Play and Passion Entertainment, a total of 21 sections including training, competition, leisure mode, and pool club mode for easily saving time and effort when organize activities.

Meanwhile, it also provides dedicated system to bar, KTV or club, taking you into the world of technology and entertainment. 

The Latest iPool Projection Billiards Table, with 4 fire-new display systems, must attract more funs to enjoy the interest for iPool, and bring the fantastic income for your clubs. 

1.Chinese 8 Ball Grading System

Grading System is jointly developed and researched by iPool Technology Team and XinRui Billiards, and  It is a billiards system tailored for amateur players.

The system is divided into 6 levels. It is rated from six aspects: hitting power controlling, hitting accuracy, strokes skill performance, error correction ability, psychological quality and comprehensive processing ability, so that the majority of fans can recognize their own skill level more scientifically, and get systematic training and improvement.

1) Authorized by ICEA, it is authoritative and professional.

2) Without location restrictions, it can be carried out in the pool room around you.

3) No time limitation, testing and training duration can be decided by yourself freely.

4) With more systematic grading system, detailed evaluation and scores calculation are given in terms of the following 6 aspects: accuracy, stroking, strength, position, defense and clearance

5) A number of professional billiard coaches involved in production, more professional with tailored training courses for the player.

Do you want to know your present billiards level? Just go to the billiards club for a test!

2.Assitance Line Syetem

When the player hits the ball, it can instantly judge the billiard moving rount, hitting direction and hitting angle, and show every detail clearly.

3.Online Billiards Games System

This system includes a variety of competitive games, such as the rapid clearance-yellow rubber duck edition, billiards betting, th rapid clearance-golden version, masters advanced mode, and the 100 skills for rapid achievement. This syetem, combined with the competitive and entertaining nature, can test the level of the participants' billiard, and provide surprise rewards!

4.K inds of Entertainment System

The entertainment system includes more than ten interactive entertainment effects, such as pond swimming fish, lightning & storm, flame & meteor, Christmas effect, etc.

Maybe you are a manager of the billiards club, and and want to earn more money in 2018.

Maybe you are a crazy fan, and want to constantly improve your billiard level.

Maybe you are an ordinary billiards fun and want to enjoy the more fun of billiards with your friends.

Anyway, iPool Projection Billiards Table would be your best choice.

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